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  1. meloveyou. (:

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    slept at 3am this morning and woke up at 12 ish in the afternoon. haha (: was actually pretty sleepy last night but somehow i stayed up till 3. was texting and movie i think?

    was home till like 4 something aunty D came home and brought me to DFO. just went walking around. quite alot of sales going on la. but didn't had that mood to shop very much also.

    just came home with a $10 polka dottie pajamas pants. (:

    have i mention i LOVEEEE polka dots?!

    dots whatever drives me nuts. most of them la. not all. (((:

    tomorrow will be following aunt and some other relatives of hers to mt dandedongs. we are going to the tulip farm. so yeaa.. prolly might check out the cherry blossoms too. see how it goes.

    and then maybe laksa king for dinner?? oooo yum! or maybe not. maybe will have dinner over at their place. don't want la... i wanna come home and watch the X factor laaa.. HAHA!

    omg monday uni starting! i needa go back early in the morning and do programming assignment. die la die!! ))): thinking about next week i also feel like screaming out loud already. don't know whether should cry or laugh.. =/

    oklaa.. i think i should go to bed early. since i have to leave at 8.45am tomorrow.. waking up early.. sien sien... ):

    bye!! :D

    music addiction : All My Life - Thirsty Merc (still addicted to it!)

    p/s: i sent steph a birthday card and she received it already. not only she received it and was happy, i am happy too. i have no idea why. but i am happeee! (:

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