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    Friday, September 03, 2010

    could barely sleep last night. i think i slept close to 3am and woke up like 7.30 in the morning. and then realise how horrible my eye bags looked when i was in the train..

    wasn't able to sleep very well. and as usual, i let little things that probably shouldn't matter that much now affect me. )):

    so after 4 and a half hours of sleep and then having programming lecture as the first lecture in the morning is sooo not right..

    my programming lecturer who dropped us a bomb this morning with the 20% assignment. HELP ME!!!

    after that was two hours of maths. and i going to have a test coming up the week after next. the pace is picking up..uni is getting hectic soon.. no... )):

    went to airport west with aunty D after i got home from classes cause she wanted to change some rack which she just bought today and somehow broke when she was fixing it up.

    and i bought...

    for myself a new table and chair.

    i know i already have one table and all that but now i feel that it is so small. i wasted my $25.... ))): to make myself feel better over that $25, at least the table lasted me a semester and the exams..

    my $59 chair and $58 table. ((:

    there goes my $117 this month.... but it is at good use. so okay la i guess?

    my current room structure..

    the $25 ikea table went to that corner already. and i got rid of the initial table that was suppose to be there.

    this corner, still the same.

    and my new table and chair corner. ((:

    i think the table is big enough now. not going to change my mind anymore. it can now fit my laptop and my books at the side which is what i'll need. :DD

    but i think i wanna get like a high drawer kinda cabinet like thing or chest drawers or something to put my scarves and other stuff. because the stuffs behind my door are my scarves.. it is piling up now.. looks like a mess.. ):

    hmm.. this colour may look a little weird somehow but i kinda like them on me. call me weird whatever.. (:

    guess jeans has cool designs on their back pockets.

    and nice rips too. (: not that it looks very nice here but yeaa. haha

    apple is cool la. i admit i am a craze for apple stuff too. how could anyone not like them? seriously... the technology.. its superb. well at least to me it is. i love my mac, my iphone and my ipod tho it wasn't the colour i wanted. (:

    and they are out with a new range of the iPod range. the new nano is soo cute!

    i have my iphone already. no excuse for stuff like that anymore. how sadddd... ))):

    now i need to stay up till like 2 something. just cause there is like some relative coming and i am following aunty D to pick them up from the airport. it is too late for her to go out herself.. so yeaa..

    i am actually dozing off on my new chair already... ):

    i hate time. i know all about giving some time but it is a bitch la now. my mood hasn't been revived yet. still in that crappy status. and i don't know what the hell i am doing now.. you tell me.


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