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  1. i could offer you a warm embrace...

    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    i like this picture of me. i feel happy. (((:

    it's close to 12am now.. time passes so fast huh. a week and a week and a week has been flying by so quick. going into week 5 in uni next week already. almost halfway through the semester..

    and that's when all my stuffs start piling in. especially programming.. oh crap!

    today had been normal. rain and rain and rain so much here in melbourne. i hate the rain. seriously. don't like it when i am out. when i am under a roof, by all means rain is great but when i am out.. crappy.. makes me moody too.

    you know... i am going up and down like a roller coaster ride. one minute i am at the top of the happiness, one minute i am at the lowest it could possibly be.

    and reason to that is only one thing. ughh i hate this.

    why can't i be less of a thinker. i don't like my mind sometimes. it drives me up the wall with all this thoughts that seriously could tear me down.

    i guess i will be going on with ghost whisperer till i am sleepy. jim is back with melinda now.. (: this show makes me tear so much. so sad and sometimes so touching..

    tomorrow i don't feel like being home. it is one of those days that i don't think i'll enjoy being home unless i really don't wanna wake up from bed then i'll sleep the whole day.

    we'll see. i am having highpoint in my mind. see how it goes.


    music addiction : To Make You Feel My Love - Kris Allen

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