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  1. today was meeting up with group mates for discussion then to victoria garden's shopping centre's kmart to get my drawer like thing.

    saw these cute luggage tag at one shop there. so close to getting one but figured i don't need them. thinking about it again, i really don't meh? hehe..

    then went over to highpoint and met up with aunty D. i figured i was already out anyways might as well go meet up with her.

    plus i haven't been to highpoint since i got back. (: and also went shopping around. :D

    which i happened to buy something as well.. okla i shop more than abit but really... the things i buy it is a bargain. at least in my point of view it is worth it. :D

    got home around 5 plus then left for dinner around 6 ish. pacific house with aunty D, ju, dan and pauline. ((: since they are already leaving tonight.

    yummmmy dinner! no pictures cause.... er.. i didn't want to look like a typical blogger infront of ju. hahaha! (:

    so so... this is what i got today. :DDD

    my lovely military like boots which i bought from highpoint today! *loves*

    been looking for them and a pair of leather ones. which everywhere had been selling for at least $150 for the leather ones. even not leather, it is like cheapest $50.

    and i got this for $45 and its leather!!! cheap cheap. from $170 you know.. bargain.. me love them alot!!

    and my 6 tier drawers. (: blue and me.. you do the math la. :D

    tim is in the UK already. just skyped with him. man, it feels different for me that he is there already. i could tell how excited he is. so happy for him... ((((:

    i would go on my own europe trip one day. trip around europe and united states are like the top of my to-do list. ((: seriously...

    and its Jo Ann's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! me love you!! called her and updated her about my life and abit of people's. it was good catching up. and i think i should do it more often lo. i don't talk to her very much. ehe..

    okla. ciao first!



    music addiction : Jason Chen - Wedding Dress (English Cover)

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