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  1. really wrong timing.

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    love my boots so much!! (: was going for an edgier rocker style.. hehe!

    i am officially on a break. mid semester holiday is here for a week babeh!! (: tho i would have to catch up on my LAN principles and programming assignment, its still fun knowing it is the holidays!

    after classes met up with jia shen and cherly and their friends, raymond, jeremy and shu hua. went to smith street. (:

    it was the nike 40% sale thing but guess what? i think i was the biggest nike fan in that group, but i bought nothing. seriously nothing. i think everyone bought something but i left without anything in hand.

    i was looking for a pair of running shoes but neh nothing caught my eyes. the ones who did wasn't in the right colour or size. makes me miss my air max so much! )): stupid fella who stole my shoe....curse you!

    then the boys went for basketball and we the girls went for max brenner. just the three of us. me, cherly and shu hua.

    i was off for home about 6pm. almost missed my stop in the train cause i slept off. but still got home safe at about 7pm.

    cooked my own dinner cause aunty D wasn't home yet and i thought she would be home late. hence the cooking...

    pasta with chicken ham, onions, garlic, chilli and basil leaves. oh and lots and lots of pepper!

    it wasn't like something great la. but at least i am like still full right now. tomorrow will be staying over at cherly's place so yea. will be back on sunday.

    you know... as much as i said i got to get out of this mess, first i have to get it out of my head. i'll be happy if you two manage to work it out. really... i am done playing these games. one that i will never win. why do i still bother right? you would be out of your miseries too if things work out.

    just don't bother updating me about the whole situation anymore. i may seem like it doesn't hurt me but it does. it really does deep inside me. just don't tell me and i won't ask. picturing your face next to mine was already a huge mistake. it just doesn't fit. soo.. letting this one go.

    we'll see. (:

    me signing off.

    good night guys. i really need some sleep. gotta be out of the house by 9.30am. meeting up with group mates for discussion in uni. byee!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Regina Spektor - Eet

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