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    Thursday, September 02, 2010

    i am trying.

    ended up i stayed home. i regret not going out... the weather was not too bad lor...

    and i didn't sleep the whole day also. i was wide awake by 1pm. so much for sleeping in the whole day if i am not going out huh.

    did some work and then watched ghost whisperer. started season 5 today. (:

    i love the colours in my room. :D

    it is labelled purple rain. ((:

    there was barely any sunlight for the past few days. sunlight plus under 15 degrees weather is so nice to be out. and i was home..):

    ate a whole box of shapes' vintage cheddar and chives and when i was towards the last few ones, i realised it was way over the expiry date... HAHA!

    and this was dinner. a box of expired biscuits at 5 something. (:

    aunt went out and i slept from 7pm till like 9.30pm. i feel so restless today laaa.. don't know why also.

    think i'll be going to bed soon also. dreams are unreal but at least i don't recall having crappy feelings and thoughts when i am out of them. when i have the good ones, it would keep me smiling even if i was already awake.

    i am still talking myself through what happened last night. i really don't know. i am coming up with all sorts of funny and weird explanations. just cause of one word. insecure.

    was talking to cherly last night and reminding myself of how horrible i used to be. i mean all the emo period last time. i used to be like that everyday before, and yesterday one night i also wanna cry already.

    seriously.. how did i survive through months of those pain before.. i am amazed right now.

    i call this an episode of my life.

    once in a while i would get days like yesterday. unhealthy i know but i don't seem to be able to run away from it somehow?

    maybe it meant abit too much than it is suppose to. you scare me now. this feeling i have towards this, scares me. alot. feeling very unlike myself..

    i have to quit saying what i'll do and don't do anymore. because one day, i feel like not doing this and doing that and be very sure and certain about it but the next day, i don't feel like it anymore. it is like i am going round the stupid bush.


    music addiction : Kate Walsh - Bury My Head *loves*

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