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    Monday, September 20, 2010

    i slept so much today. i slept at 12.30am and woke up at 12.30pm. it felt soooo good sleeping for so long. awesome!

    ate yesterday's risotto for lunch and studied a lil bit then walked out to the post office for awhile then came home onlined then dinner was mee goreng and then was relaxing infront of the tv watching the X factor.

    so so these were my favourite performances last night.

    Mahogany with What Do You Want From Me.

    Amanda Grafanakis with Closer.

    Sally Chatfield with Red.

    i am currently supporting the girls than the guys.

    Amanda Grafanakis.

    love her instantly the first time i heard her sing. she is so edgy and she sings it with her own style. nice!


    omg they are awesome! the harmony and the vocals, wow. pretty girls too. love them!


    their voice goes along so well together and i love their style. ((:

    Mitchell Smith.

    just cause he is cute and i think he could sing quite well. :D i don't know why but that look of him reminded me of zac efron. ahah! so cutee 16 year old boy!

    Sally Chatfield.

    my favourite!! she is amazingly gooooood! her voice is soo sooo strong! her vocals are amazing man.. and she could bring you to tears when she sings.. seriously.

    watch this!! she is GOOD! loveee her!

    tonight was the result show and its sad seeing someone leave. but any competition people leaves.

    it was Chris Doe's last performance tonight. ):

    i think that australia didn't vote based on last night's performance tho. i thought he did alright. there were worse ones compared to him.. =/ and i think he is good. i like that husky voice of his.

    should be off to bed right now. thought of going back to uni tomorrow. i hope i can wake up and then don't last minute decide lying on my bed that i don't wanna go. haha..

    nitee ya'll!


    music addiction : Intuition - Natalie Imbruglia

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