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  1. dreaming of you again.

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    i am baaaaaaack! (:

    the weekend was great..! great that i was out and all that. after yesterday's group discussion in uni which mind you, was only for like half an hour, i went to the city to walk around first then went to meet up with aunty D at brunswick street.

    $10 poncho.

    lunch. mediterranean lamb pide. $7

    went there cause aunty wanted to check out the place to see if there was any new stuff then we went to smith street. walked around till like 5pm. from 12 ish 1 to 5pm...

    then she dropped me at raymond's place on king street. went up and then the boys came back from basketball and raymond was cutting jia shen's hair while i was talking to cherly and shu hua and transferring movies to shu hua from my hard disk. haha

    initial plan for dinner was to check out the pasar malam at chinatown. which we did. we as in me, cherly, jia shen, raymond, shu hua, hsini and BY. (:

    the "pasar malam" wasn't even a long stretch one stalls. not even like in between two streets. its like in between a main street and a little street. so short! and more ang mohs there than asian buying food.

    so in the end dinner was at Oldtown Kopitiam Mamak at QV. apparently they serve awesome lemak laksas. i've never been cause i heard the food there sucks but this lemak laksa is an exception. (:

    yum yum!! really.. no joke. $9.90

    after dinner went safeway awhile then ciaoed back already. about 10 something me jia shen and cherly left back to jia shen's. stayed over at his place that night.

    it was good la for me. we talked and sat there and drank green tea and talk until like 2 something only we slept. especially i haven't been properly interacting with that dood for sometime now already.

    woke up at 10 ish this morning then lazed around the house and then decided to follow jia wei and iris to mt dandedongs for cherry blossoms.

    but as almost everyone knows, going up to mt dandenongs you have to drop by pie in the sky.

    queued half an hour just to take away 5 pies. super long lo.

    my fetta pie. i loveeeeeed it!~ has spinach, ricotta cheese and rice in it! it won a gold medal one okay. it's one of their specialties.

    my pie was on jia shen. he was being nice and treated me. which is rare, wait not even rare cause its never before i think? but at least now i could say that he did. :D

    then went to the National Rhododendron Gardens for the cherry blossoms. but they weren't blooming yet. =/

    the place. it was pretty sceneries and flowers and all la but boring. haha

    ended our trip by dropping by Flippin' Pancakes for pancakes. awesome choice... (((:

    st clements. which was crepes with sugar and ice cream and lemons.

    not too bad. quite nice tho i don't eat crepes very much.

    apple jack. with is apple and ricotta cheese and don't know what somemore wrapped in crepes.

    this was the least favourite among all that we ordered.

    creamy mushroom. potato pancakes with mushroom cooked in creamy white sauce and served with sour cream.

    this is YUM! i loveeee it! seriously i prefer savoury types of pancakes than the sweet ones. seriously.. *sorry to the blur picture of what i thought was the best among all*

    popeye spinach. this is nice too..! crepe wrapping spinach and feta/ricotta cheese and served with salad on top with balsamic vinegar dressing.

    yum too!

    after that, off we left the mountain. and jia wei dropped me at caulfield station and i took the train home. was home by 6.30pm.

    and and dinner aunty D cooked risotto!! yum yum chicken and mushroom risotto!!! (((: and then was relaxing infront of the tv watching the X factor.

    i now officially love watching it! results show tomorrow! can't wait.


    dreaming about you on the day i had decisions made is stupid la. really.. why must fck my mind like that laaaa... its just sucky..


    okla i shall now decide whether i wanna watch show or go and sleep. considering i feel as though i am severely lack of sleep and i think i caught a cold. feeling so cold tonight and fluing non stop. byeee la! i think i'll be going to bed.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Daniel Merriweather - Red

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