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  1. Early Valentines Dinner!

    Saturday, February 15, 2014


    I am so sorry for dropping off the face of the blogosphere with any recent updates.. I have just been too caught up with enjoying my life in Malaysia till I don't have the time to get to this virtual part of my life. :D The real world has to come first XD

    Now that the boyfriend has already left back to Melbourne, I have more me time to do other things and catch up with other stuffs. You see..., he is hardly ever back, and now that he did, it was only for 2 weeks. It was rather short sooo I tend to make the most of out these two weeks we have back here together. I'll see him every day and we will just do whatever together! Hang out with respective friends and families, get into the CNY spirit them :)

    It has been 5 days since I sent him off but it felt longer than that... Simply cause, after work, I can't look forward to seeing him or dropping by his place or dinners together or yumcha sessions either with his friends or mine... At least not until I head back to Melbourne, then, I am back to seeing him day and night until uni starts. Next weekend, I shall get back to my usual routines with him <3

    Last Friday, we did an early Valentines celebration together. We seldom have the luxury to celebrate the day together and so, I made do with the time I had with him. Which was to celebrate it together a week earlier. After work, he came over and fetched me and off we went to Curve!

    The intentions of dinner wasn't for Valentines as it was just to satisfy the boy's cravings for the conveyor belt sushi/sushi train. Then in the car on our way to dinner, I was like "Why not we make it as an early Valentines dinner, bi? :D"

    I settled with Senjyu Sushi @ eCurve for our dinner. I was researching on conveyor belt sushi restaurants and Senjyu came up plus I have always wanted to try, soooo Senjyu it is! It was either Senjyu, Sushi Tei or Hokkaido Sushi. But its okay, I'll go to the other two next time :D

    My love for Japanese food will never end and never tired. wheheheheee!

    *Fooooooood time!*
    Salmon Belly. Om nom nommm!


    Overall, the dining experience @ Senjyu was not up to my expectations at all. The food was just so so and not worth the price we paid at all lor... The food was just mehhhh! And it wasn't a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It used to be, but it isn't anymore. All the more reason I was a little disappointed when I walked into the shop.. We only spent less than an hour in there. Ate and then ciaoed straight. Plus I didn't like the location at all! eCurve is so so so dead!!!


    And since, the boyfie didn't get his sushi train cravings fixed, I decided that the next nearest sushi train was Sakae Sushi and so we headed over for a second round.

    But we didn't eat much tho. Sushis at Sakae Sushi is just so so not nice compared to the other japanese restaurant I go to. I think I am too pampered with good quality japanese food from the more premium japanese restaurants already.. HEHEHE

    At least, I fulfilled the boyfie's sushi train craving lah... But for sure, the next time we are back in Malaysia together, we will definitely go to a good one!

    After eating, we just went walking around The Curve awhile and chilled.

    The lights were so pretty! That being said, I don't really like to go to the Curve that much... There is something about the place that I don't like. The only thing I like about the area is, IKEA!

    Initially, I thought we could head over to Signature by The Hill for some cocktails, but since the boyfriend drove, he didn't feel like consuming alcohol. My Bii is the kind who is super safe and cautious and don't risk things one lor. For most days, they are a good thing but for some cheeky days, not so much HAHA!

    *Us <3*
    He is My Valentine and the love of my life ♥︎♥︎♥︎

    We are never the couple that makes big fuss out of any sorts of celebrations. Simplicity was our key. I used to not understand how beautiful simplicity felt. He thought me how simple things can also bring so much happiness. During any special occasions, to me right now, having his company and knowing that we have each other and care for each other, it is enough.

    Whenever a big date comes, the only different thing is we start the day by wishing each other and prolly go out for a meal together or spend it with close friends. And our meals together, we would almost always go dutch, because not until we own our lives together, our expenses needs to have a clear bottom line. That's my principle. that applies to everything in our relationship. It doesn't even need to be anything fancy or expensive when it comes to food. It only has to be the food we like. We are one of those couples that gets easily contented with just spending time over a big inexpensive feast and sit there and chat away about absolutely everything. A pizza delivery, eaten together while streaming a movie on the laptop, counts too. Or eating ramly burger whilst sitting on a car bonnet :)

    I for one, am lazy to prepare surprises or ponder for a year long to think of what is the perfect gift for him. And because I am like that, I don't expect him to shower me with crazy gifts and surprises and what not. So what we do every year is, we only exchange gifts once. Which will be accounted for all the occasions in that year. A one time gift that is for everything in the year. And even with these gifts, we will ask each other what do we want and then only we will get it together.

    If not, when any of us comes across something that the other person really likes, then we will be like "I'll get that for you as a gift this year lah :)" Simple and 100% certain that the other half will love it. Not in a guessing game of whether will he/she like it, or does she already have something similar etc..

    Earlier this year, I kept going on about a branded bag I really really wanted. And so, first, he ask me about the price, and then he said "go ahead with the bid bi, if you like it, just get it". I admit at that point of time, my eyes were sparkling in gratitude because of what he said. Mainly because I have been eyeing on the bag on eBay for a really long time and kept watching when a new listing comes up on that particular model. And finally search after search I finally found one, it's super cheap and I love it so so much! It is almost cheaper by half than what it is priced in the market which is at almost $400usd! So, I politely asked the boyfriend if I could buy it and had gotten the green light to purchase :)

    That's the short little story of my gift this year. Everything of the year in one. My 2014 gift! And I am madly in love it!!!!

    The Michael Kors Medium Selma Saffiano Satchel :) Red hot and sexayyyyy~!! Super duper duper love ittttttt!!

    I love it so so so much! My naughty purchase of the year hehehehe :P

    Altho I did purchase a luxury item, but I still don't believe that everything needs to be branded based on how much money we spend on each other. Doesn't mean that the gifts we get are inexpensive means we love each other any lesser or doesn't mean that the love we have for each other equals to the amount of money spent on each other. In fact, I don't believe in a bought relationship. Yes, once in a while you might want to splurge on the one you love, if you could afford it. An expensive and meaningful item once in a while is perfectly fine, but not every single thing, every single time, every couple of months for every occasion. Because, I just strongly don't believe that every single thing in the relationship has to revolve around expensive gifts and money. When that happens, sorry and just too bad, but your relationship is not genuine. But, foolishly used.

    Happiness comes in the most simple and inexpensive form :)

    And to me, I find my happiness whenever I just see the boyfie and just being around him without doing anything. He may be on his daily things, and I'll be on mine but the only thing that matters is we have each other's company. And a shoulder to lean on. He makes me the happiest! :DDD

    I think I am influenced by his rationalism, because each day I find myself growing to become more rational towards us. Our decisions especially. We don't yell at each other and go through hard days by quarreling or throwing tantrums, we go through it by talking things through. Finding out what are the problems and solving them, together.

    I am glad to have found you <3 There isn't a day that goes by that you're not in my mind. A very special place in my heart will always have you in it. Always. Regardless of what comes after.

    In my head, I've already planned out a special gift on top of the birthday present that I'll get for him this year. We are 3 years in and I thought I better put a little extra effort into making the boy happy <3 Hopefully he'll like what I having coming for him :D

    I am looking forward to go back to our usual routines together. As much as I am not looking forward to leave Malaysia just yet, but I am looking forward to see him. If that makes any proper sense haha

    Although we couldn't spend Valentines Day together physically, we managed to spend some time talking and seeing each other through Skype :D Even with just that arrangement, I am happy!!!

    Today is great day :) We, have been together for 3 years, and every day, is a great day together ♥︎ Without a doubt, I'll go to the moon and back for this guy!

    Happy Valentines Day My Love ♥︎♥︎ Love you always!

    Lots of love always,

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