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  1. only one down.

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    today's exam was okay.

    i don't think i've ever said this in my entire education but for once, i could do almost all the subjective part of the paper but the objective part is what i am worried about. i didn't even dare to answer two questions simply cause i didn't dare to guess.

    because answering it wrong gets me -1.4. yes NEGATIVE 1.4. not answering just gets me zero. i so hate uni objective style....!!

    after exam, met up with uncle in the city and went to degraves street for brunch. to be specific, RMB cafe.

    my chai and uncle's hot chocolate.

    uncle's spanish omelette. $14.90

    my big breakkie. yumsss! (: $15.90

    then was just walking around the city. and snacks shopping because i am out of food to munch on when i am awake at oddly hours studying. hehe

    kla taking a break for tonight. vampire diaries is coming right up (:

    tomorrow back to studying. sigh


    with love,

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