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  1. post exam freedom (:

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    i've been off the blogging scene for like 2 weeks exactly.. ): well last week was because of exams and exams was a nightmare that i don't want to elaborate further on. just super glad that it is over..

    i was literally feeling like a whole entire bag of weights were left off from me once i walk out of the exam hall on monday at 415pm.

    and for the past 4 days i've been busy and just enjoying my holidays!

    have been over at teck wei's in MA since tuesday. going back tomorrow. hmmm...

    yesterday and today i have been eating at sort of the top listed eateries in melbourne. heheh =D

    yesterday was chin chin with celine and cherly.

    crispy skin barramundi green apple salad. so so nice! but.. $26

    bang bang chicken. the sauce was amazing! $24

    cherly's a platter of sweet things to share. $13

    lunch cost me about $30. but was like super damn awesome. the flavour was so so good. no wonder it's like in the top list in urbanspoon. hahah (:

    dinner was at springvale with teck wei, cherly, ck and khai shien.

    vietnamese pho (: sliced rare beef and beef meat balls with rice noodle.

    today, out by 930am with teck wei. met up with yao yun and celine about 1030am and headed over to abbotsford for three bags full =D brunch! yumssss~

    my soy chai tea with honey. $4

    teck wei's big breakfast. $18

    both yao yun and celine also had their big breakfast. but yao yun's was scrambled eggs instead of poached.

    my potato rosti with poached eggs and smoked salmon plus added spinach (: nice! $18

    after brunch, headed over to bardot factory outlet for a little shopping. which my dear had to wait for the three of us girls. hehe

    then caught a tram and headed back to the city then to yao yun's place.

    was back in MA at about 5 ish?

    now me and teck wei are both hooked on a tvb drama. but sadly don't think we'll finish it before i go back tomorrow.

    forensic heroes 3 (:

    wokies... sign off first! back to series.

    bye lovelies!

    lots of love,

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