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    Monday, November 28, 2011

    went to the eureka skydeck just now (:

    first was dinner along southbank.

    the ludlow formation.

    my hanger steak. nehhh not nice.. and it cost $29.50 )):

    won't be back here again. we wanted to go meat and wine co but it was like fully booked up to 830pm.. ): i wanna try the meat and wine co someday. a date, shall we? =D

    then up we went to the eureka skydeck. it was only $13 for students.



    and more views..

    the lights were ahmazingg.. love them!



    its like the klcc of my melbourne. love this place along the river. the lights, the people, the performers, the view (: niceee!

    crown atrium's christmas decoration.

    love love the blue lighted christmas tree!! ((:

    came home about 1030pm and i was omnomnom-ing on ice cream. heheh i wanna try ben and jerry's ice cream! saw the mini tubs when i was up on the eureka which made me wanna eat them. where can i get ben and jerry's ice cream???

    i shall now resume to sex and city.


    tomorrow off to lunch with teck wei in the city

    sher xoxo.

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