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    Monday, November 07, 2011


    been staying out since friday. which explains the not updating hehe (:

    i shall start with thursday night dinner first.

    we had dinner together because loong and sheng nee is going back this wednesday already. we as in me, loong and sheng nee, yao yun and ruth.

    i haven't seen loong and sheng nee and yao yun for so long before that. i think over a month plus? so yes it was somewhat a good catch up.

    fish fillet in curry sauce.

    mix vegetables. (lo hon chai)

    the other dish is peipa tofu.

    it was at some random restaurant in chinatown.

    we initially wanted to go for buffet at $33.. but... neh we went in and sat down and had a glance of the food which was a let down so we just walked out of the shop. haha


    went over to MA.

    and lunch with teck wei in clayton town.

    mixed kebab and mixed plate.

    and also do grocery shopping. cooked pasta that night. and just kinda chill abit. lazed around. laugh at god knows what about each other. haha

    and also watched two more movies together.

    captain america.

    and friends with benefits.

    finally i am watching these two and both was nice. but i preferred friends with benefits much more. had a good laugh and it was the kind of movie i needed as i was having a horrible day before going over to MA. and... friends with benefits is wayyy better than no strings attached if you ask me. in terms of the story. well.. even cast is better. haha me no likey ashton kutcher. but JT?? dayumm.. hehe


    aunty D and uncle came to fetch me from monash. and off we went to red hill for their weekend market. almost about an hour and a half from clayton. meaning almost two and a half hours from my place in strathmore.. hmm

    the market (:

    love going to markets! you get to buy unique stuff!

    bought a white flower ring $5, klin glass pendant and earrings for $7.50 each.

    and also a mustard yellow shopping tote bag =D $6

    then headed over to the strawberry farm for their scones and dessert.

    my strawberry temptation.

    aunty D and uncle ordered their scones with jam and cream.

    i remember how much we loved the scones when me, ferns, jia shen and cherly went there two years ago. ahah! time flies tho..

    and then went to arthur's seat to see some view which then later on lead us down to dromana beach.

    which the four of us went there 2 years ago as well!

    i miss this beach! ):

    it is the clearest water beach i've been to by far. but too bad both times i've been there, both times also damn freaking hot!! it was 38 the last time and 30 last saturday.. )):


    went to clayton town for lunch with cherly and jia shen. then after that i was just staying in MA. god knows what i was doing also la...


    woke up like 230pm. and left MA about 4pm. good news today is that i finally got my internship for maxis!! heheheh starting dec 19th. i am now excited and nervous at the same time. i'll be at the maxis office in kl sentral. haha friday two hour lunch breaks shall be in mid valley then. hehe

    tomorrow going back to uni to settle some stuffs. please god, help me with that!!

    for now, i shall go be a hermit and just sit there worrying about every god damn thing i have in mind. =D



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