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  1. wasn't home this weekend. went to stay over at cherly's last night. ((:

    yesterday my day started with going out to brunswick street to shop with aunty D at some factory outlet which is like some warehouse that has soooooo many stuffs.

    i spent like almost 3 hours in there okay... i kid you not.. =P

    came out with so much stuffs man. haha!

    then aunty D fetched me to melbourne central and i went to exchange some stuff at valleygirl then took a train to caulfield and then a bus to chadstone to meet up with cherly.

    went there and just had a cup of bubble tea then caught a bus to jia shen's. cause apparently we are having dinner there.

    talked to his mum and dad then lazed around in his room seeing him game and seeing how cherly tries so hard to distract him and don't want him to game. so funny!

    i loveee the soup during the dinner. beef brisket soup with white radish and which fermented beancurd paste. niceee! and with the chilli even nicer. :D soo this what jia shen has been telling me about all this while... ((:

    about 9 plus he fetched me and cherly back to her place.

    i guess we really had alot to talk about cause somehow time passed so fast. until a point where cherly started looking for her phone which she just somehow dropped it outside of the building when she was getting out from the car.. luckily it was still there.

    slept like 2 something and woke up about 9 something. had jia shen's mum's cheesecake for breakkie. i like it lo! not too heavy tho i like rich cakes.. :D

    got ready and all then left about 11am which we had to run for the bus and the train. exhausting and hot!

    took cherly to brunswick street and she bought too. i bought another two more scarves. hehe! then went to south melbourne market cause i wanted to eat paella.

    love paellas. but today's one like not as nice as usual tho. seems abit too watery..

    then went to dfo for a while which we got nothing suprisingly. ahah! then took back the tram to the city.

    got home about 5.30 or so.

    aunty D made some empanadas. niceeeee! and i had her leftover risotto for dinner. nice too!

    this are the stuffs i got from brunswick street. (((:

    my scarves. have a count how many are there... XD all of them for $4 except one for $1.80.

    love this bag! $8.

    chanel inspired type of bag and clutch. $4 each.

    a pair of floral print princess highway shorts for $4. retailed price was like $78. cheap cheap!

    all of those for under $45.

    i think its pretty good lo. ((: i only buy bargained stuffs but i usually get quite a few so yea.. back to square one. hehe!

    better go off. thought of getting some stuff sorted out. nitee!

    overall it was a great weekend. spending with my best friend and seriously talked about everything. like seriously every single thing.

    it always nice having someone to listen to you and especially if it is someone who has been through with you for almost all the significant things that happened in your life.

    one word, love.


    i never thought i was this weak. i always thought that i had everything planned out nicely in the future. all it took was to be home for a month. it just hit me. tho people always leaves and all that crap but i just never thought i would be this far off the track which i drew for myself. having all sorts of doubts.

    and with the include of this individual in my thoughts, it isn't really helping me very much.

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