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    Sunday, August 08, 2010

    i guess i was really tired. slept at 2am and set alarm at 11am also i didn't feel like waking up. but had to cause was meeting up with cherly and yao yun for lunch.

    reached melbourne central about 12.15pm.

    then we headed off to menya on elizabeth street. i haven't been to this place before. so yea. ((:

    my gyu tan don. which is ox tongue. $11.30. not too bad tho. but tasted like beef. (:

    then we over to yao yun's place and chill awhile. use the toilet, sit there gossip gossip abit then went to bubble tea on bourke street. (:

    forgot to take picture la. was there till like 5 plus. which jia shen came for like half an hour or less and stink badly. cause he just played basketball.

    i followed jia shen and cherly over to his friend's place so said bye to yao yun. :D

    went over to king street but before i could go upstairs, i think it was time for me to walk over to southern cross cause train was at 6.03pm and when i left was already 5.45pm.

    it was already getting dark. and i felt my face and fingers go numb. but i like the cold tho. hehe ((((:

    had to take the train to moonee ponds and then walk to the bus exchange and wait for my bus.

    at 6 plus already all dark. ): i don't likeeee!

    got home about 7 plus. then straight away had dinner. aunty D cooked spaghetti bolognese. ate dinner and came upstairs already.

    now i am always in the room. hardly downstairs temaning my aunty. hmmm...

    i think i wanna watch some shows. i don't feel like sleeping so early. tomorrow class only starts at 1.30pm. so i only have to leave at 12pm.

    don't need sleep early la.

    tho i would be called stubborn, i guess it's alright. i could stay up a little longer.... ((:

    omg, tomorrow uni aaaaa.. it's been a while since i wrote anything by pen nonetheless, on a notebook. XD

    oklaaa. niteee!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Think of Me - Rosi Golan

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