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    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    new playboy pinafore. ((:

    12 something i was up. cause celine called and then i just couldn't sleep already. so i washed up then went to cooked my brunch and then just sat infront of my mac and watch autumn's concerto.

    i finally finished it. loved it!! now i am downloading it somemore. ahaha!

    about 5.30pm i left the house to catch the bus then the train from essendon and reached melbourne central and the rest were already there. loong, cherly and celine. yao yun was on her way.

    then we ran like crazy people across the street tho it was red light just to catch the city circle tram cause we were going to this korean place on king street. when there, they were all fully booked till like 9.30pm.

    we had to go somewhere else la of course. but that place looks good. must try someday. soon soon!

    we just walked aimlessly cause we don't know where to go and finally settled down at Hardware Lane which is in between queen and elizabeth street but towards lonsdale street. it just this lane which is all food.... western food.

    and was approached by this guy that said he would offer us a deal. two entrees and a glass of wine on the house, we just had to pay for main. good deal eh?

    loong thought us this ahaha! i've learn something new today. and apparently if you are a girl, it's easier for you to get deals. :DD

    i don't even remember what's the name of the shop we went. ahaha! definitely not pop cause we were about to go there and this waiter guy offered us a deal.. hmmm...

    our free entree, bruschetta. i love love bruschetta man!! the other entree i didn't take picture la. also some bread with dips.

    our free wines. merlot, shiraz and moscato.

    we only ordered three mains to share among ourselves thus only had three glasses of wine.

    linguine carbonara.

    chicken and mushroom risotto.

    chicken thigh fillet wrapped with prosciutto with rocket and mashed potatoes underneath and raspberry juice sauce. this is yummmmmmy!! $28

    the place was abit dark, thus the very unclear pictures. sorry sorry... ((:

    we bought a mini cake so we had the restaurant people to set it all up for us once we were done with our food. and sang birthday song for cherly too.

    birthday girl. (((:

    we left about 9 ish then walked over to the bus stop where celine takes her bus. loong left first then celine. i was suppose to stay over at cherly's but there was a last minute change of plan so i left for home instead.

    had yao yun waited for me in melbourne central till it was time for me to catch my train. (:

    and aunty D picked me up from essendon station.

    hmmm... now, prolly i'll go and watch some show. i was actually quite tired but now that i have my mac, i can't sleep already. ehehe..

    ciao lo...

    signing off... :D

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : 那些女孩教我的事 - Victor Huang

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