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  1. 800th post. (;

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    went uncle's house for laksa this afternoon. the best laaaaa! can never find better laksa. ((:

    super yummy!

    after that i came home and played jimrami awhile then about 4.30pm teck wei came to pick me up and we went to this dessert place at ss15 called fbi? it is nearby snowflakes. just like a door away.

    my lemon jelly with pearl.

    it was my treat. :D sat there talk awhile. he smoked as usual la. then left for home. i think i was back about 6 something.

    then i slept for like an hour and it was already dinner time.

    had my favourite nasi lemak ever! the one from the ss13 pasar malam. love love love their nasi lemak!! :DD

    yummmmmeh!! especially with the sambal petai tho i don't like petai. :D

    after dinner jimrami again which i lost. and now i gave up on playing already. i rather watch show on the couch and prollu have some chats.

    currently watching this. ((: i kinda like it. the starting damn funny!

    okla. i guess i shall resume to it. tho i am having flu and headache at the same time. ))): sien....


    with love,

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