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  1. can i daringly say this?

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    slept for like 11 hours today. went to bed almost 4am and woke up close to 3pm. had no one to disturb my sleep and it was like all quiet. so yea. (:

    wanted to go down to the city but it was raining and gloomy so i just decided to continue sleeping. :D

    the weather today was just crazy la. in half an hour it was gloomy, drizzled, gloomy again then rained heavily then the sun came up. in just half an hour. crazy and weird!

    had two packets of indomie for lunch alongside with an egg and fish tofu. (:

    then was watching ghost whisperer till it was like time for dinner. had fried rice and red rooster's chicken for dinner.

    i like red rooster lo. (((:

    after dinner i also don't know what was i doing. chats on msn and ghost whisperer only i guess. but time passed so quick. now it's like 11 plus already. )):

    and the weekend is over... )):

    tomorrow back to uni. but uni starts only at 1.30pm. might go down to the city earlier to walk around. i haven't properly walk the streets of melbourne city since i got back.

    should be heading off to bed soon. despite all the sleep today, i am yawning already. :D

    oh and i am thinking off moving to tumblr but it's so complicating. tho it looks nice and all but i guess i'll have that for something else. (:

    i am already being shoo-ed to bed. haha. nitees!


    music addiction : Smile - Uncle Kracker

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