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  1. today just went by so quick.... ):

    the first thing i knew was waking up at like 12 something in the afternoon the lunch then a little chats online and then was switching on my songs on itunes and start cleaning my room.

    vacuuming the carpets and rearranging my closet.

    i am having too much stuffs hanging so i need to fold it instead..

    this is how it looks like after. forgot to take like a before kinda picture in order to see the difference but yea..

    just imagine those clothes on the floor, i had them hanged up before today. imagine that... i know right? hehee

    and shoes and my jackets and dresses are at this side of the closet. and yea i am craze when it comes to jackets. which explains all of that. :D

    i have alot of clothes i know. but that's because i brought my whole entire closet from malaysia to here. which usually other people who comes here and study don't, but miraculously i just managed to bring it all over. :DD

    and i just love this set of bedsheet alot. :DD

    i guess it is because of the colour which happens to be my very favourite shades of blue and it is from my friends. great idea and i could still remember how khai shien brought in a big box of present for my birthday party.. (((:

    staying at home the whole day and listening to my library of song on my itunes and sitting there cleaning and also squeezing in ghost whisperer in between and also text messages, feels nice sometimes.

    not to mention laksa for dinner with all my favourite ingredients. seafood tofu, brocolli, eggplant and chicken. tho i think my sore throat got worse, i think its worth satisfying my taste buds. :D

    shall go to bed. tomorrow i have an early start. but also an early end. ((:

    if the weather is kind to me, i'll go walking around the city. :D


    oh and i just got to know what a LAN party is.. guys and games? hmm.. i just somehow wouldn't understand. but yet cool finding out about it... :D

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Howie Day - Collide

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