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  1. i hope it won't change much.

    Friday, August 06, 2010

    just finished packing all my stuff and i guess this time really all prepared to leave.

    in about 18 hours i should already land on australian land.

    back to fenacre street. to buses and trains and uni and friends and rose garden and in my hoodie like an emo child sitting public transport everyday with the ipod earphones stuck inside my ears and ignoring all that is happening around me.

    i'll miss life back here.

    back to 12 weeks of classes and exams and those stressful preparations.

    these 7 weeks passed so quick. why does 7 weeks in oz doesn't feel that quick ah? but i guess i used this holidays up to its max already. went to enough yumcha or mamak sessions, maggi goreng, teh o' ais limau and movies. not enough of ramly tho. and i guess never enough of seeing my friends here.

    things happened during this holidays. some that i will shed my tears of, some i will smile even when i am asleep.

    i'll miss you. whether it is a thing or a person, i'll still miss all of you.

    and i guess i'll also miss having my phone ringing almost all the time for a text because in oz, i don't text very much. i used to for a period of time but the person who i always text to is currently unavailable for me already.

    things will change when i go back. definitely. but i just hope not too much.

    will resume to all of this in 3 months and 3 weeks.

    i will really miss.. everything include this.

    lots of love,

    darling seems like a strong word. ):

    music addiction : Kate Walsh - It's Never Over

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