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  1. SURPRISE! hehe...

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    so first day of uni was yesterday. (: had classes from like 1.30pm till 4.30pm only.

    train to uni is usually the green ones.

    it was a nice day tho. walking to class. hehe ((:

    my boring new venture development lecture.

    tho this subject has no final paper, all this business plans and entrepreneurship thing is not working for me. thank god, didn't take business. it would have been so wrong. :D

    i got bored in lecture. :DD

    tho i don't think i will bring up this phrase anytime soon again anyways.

    once class ended, i went over to jia shen's house. cause we planned a surprise party for cherly so yea i had to go over.

    had to change lines at richmond. so yea. (:

    was at his doorstep slightly over 5pm. first went in his room and his was playing his starcraft 2 and i was hungry so i finished up his soy milk. then i got bored. luckily i had my hard disk with me which my main intention was to give him his games but seriously thank god i had them.

    took my hard disk out to jia wei's computer and watch ghost whisperer. (:

    so i was out in the living room watching my show and he was playing his game. till jia wei came back and we had dinner together lo. together with iris too. (:

    then me and jia shen watched ip man 2 just to pass time then about 11.40pm i think we left to cherly's place.

    jia shen had already made plans with her friends that stays in the same building also.

    in one of the girl's room, rachel's. lighting up the candles. there was quite a number of us there tho.

    then rachel called her over and SURPRISE! (((: all she could say to me was "ehhhhh i thought you went home??"

    birthday girl.

    after all the cutting cake and all that we were in rachel's room for quite a bit applying nail polish and talk awhile then went back over to cherly's room.

    i had to spend the night so yea.

    ended up sleeping at like 4 something in the morning just cause i was so bothered over stuffs. and woke up around 9 plus.

    caught the 10.20am bus and went to uni. uni started at 11.30am.

    lunch today. the usual. (: and increased price by 10c already!! ):

    today's weather was bad. see the city area all misty?

    bad cause i was so unprepared for a weather like this. i didn't know it was going to rain so yea i was with no hoodie, no umbrella and no gloves. )))): and i think i sneezed like 10 times in a row. )):

    came home quickly took a hot shower and slept till it was dinner.

    and watched like three episodes of autumn's concerto.

    i first started watching it cause of vanness. but the show so sad. )): and also vanness is hot and cuteee too! ((: HAHA!

    and painted my nails at the same time.

    tomorrow i start at 2.30pm. so i guess i don't really have to sleep early tonight. anyways, i'll go first. byee.


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