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    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    birthday girl in the middle! *loves*


    i thought i would be back to celebrate with you.. celebrate with you this sunday la okay? hehe. hope you'll have a blast. i love you lots!!

    today i basically rotted at home the whole day. woke up about 1 plus and only ate lunch at 3 something just cause i didn't feel like eating and lazy to go cook something.

    in the end, i boiled some sausages and ate with chilli sauce.

    then watched three episodes of haipai and then slept. and i had some funny and weird dream. dreamt that a friend sabotaged my online conversations and phone smses while i was asleep. weird la. and also aunt's house in australia looks like my other aunt's house in raub pahang. shit weird!

    woke up with the whole house so dark cause i did not switch on any lights.

    then went out to mamak for dinner. nirvana usj 9.

    briyani ayam.

    sotong goreng.

    maggi goreng.

    came home and downloaded a whole list of songs and sitting here feeling emo. seems like there is a reason to it but i can't put it all together and write down what is the problem.

    this is crap.


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