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  1. another great day out! (;

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    me today. i loveeeee my outfit! ((((:

    $4 fedora - dangerfield factory outlet
    $6 top - jeanswest
    $9 cut off denim shorts - jeanswest
    $4 bag - dangerfield factory outlet
    $30 boots - planet surf factory outlet

    i guess today was awesome too!

    went out the same time i did yesterday but this time met up with cherly at flinders street then we walked over to crown for lunch.

    thats cause she promised me to go and eat mud cake with me at greco's so yea.

    and i loveee walking along the southbank which somehow i forgot to take the picture of it today. but it is like one of my favourite spots in the city. i think if i ever had somebody, going there walk walk sit down for the day i also damn happy already. (((:

    settled down at greco's at crown cause we wanted to try it out since haven't been.


    my darling bestie, cherly! (((:

    chicken and mushroom risotto.

    i would say it isn't too bad but don't worth $28 tho. and we thought the food was cheaper but it wasn't. i guess the one on chapel street is different cause it is a cafe.

    and the mud cake.

    which is not bad but i way way prefer the cafe greco's one on chapel street. that one is soooo much better! i wanna eat!!! next week? somebody go with meeeee... :DDDD

    since we were already at crown, might as well drop by DFO. ((:

    main thing was to go over to jeanswest to check out more on the sale but there really was nothing. i mean i like this two pair of jeans but nothing spectacular la. so didn't get anything from there.

    then walked into portmans which i got most of my stuffs from today. one fedora and a pair of earrings and a necklace. (((:

    met marvin too at aldo. had a chat and gave him a hug and apparently i changed my style cause of my look today. ahah! prolly we'll meet up for drinks too someday. he is the guy i just randomly knew from the aldo outlet at spencer street fashion station. he served me and my mum when we were buying shoes for my cousin the last time. haha! (: random.

    saw this corset like top from cotton on body. like it lo! if got zip and cheaper, i would have bought them. loveeee the polka dots!

    after that went back to the city and walk walk on bourke street then wanted to meet up with jia shen who happens to be at ying thai on lygon and the trams on swanston street wasn't running so we walked from bourke to lygon.

    met up with the boys and had ice cream.

    from il dolce freddo, roche and limone flavour... (((:

    sat down talk awhile then left for home. had aunty D picked me up from the station.

    this is what i got today.

    everything else was from portmans except the covergirl mascara which i lovee! tried it on and it works so good! lovee it! ((: and i am an accessories craze too!!! never was ever able to resist of buying them. hehe!

    $1 fedora!!! CHEAP!!!! cherly got them first then she paid and it was like a dollar. i quickly grabbed them since there were only two. cheap cheap CHEEEAAAAAPPPPP! got 50% wool somemore.. (((:

    gosh time passes so fast. my weekends just went by like that. omg so fast lo! and i have no idea what i did from after dinner till like now and it's like 11.30 ish already. other than skyping with mum..hmmm...

    and and someone is watching step up without meeeee! ))): now you owe me a movie. definitely claiming from you when i get back. ((: in return you'll get nasi lemak. hehe! and when i download them, you'll have to watch it again with me when i am home. :DDD

    shall watch valentine's day and then go to sleep. byeee!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Unbeautiful - Lesley Roy

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