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  1. just got home an hour and a half ago.

    basically stayed at home all day till like 10pm only i left the house to meet up with ferns, steph and tim for a drink at melur.

    how could i not love them? (:

    there is a story behind each and everyone of them and i guess in their own way, they've never fail to lift me up when i am down. tho it is with the insults and the dirty jokes here and there, they just make my day. always.

    then left to steph's house and chill awhile. transferred the last song into a pendrive and talked like a little then ferns had to go back. and i made ramly plans with teck wei.

    got him to come over to steph's house and pick me and then i left too. tim was just walking out right after me.

    had ramly at usj 14. sat there and talked then he fetched me home. guess you wouldn't be using this road very much anymore for the next 4 months. (:

    i am going to go watch the last song. i don't like miley cyrus because i personally don't think she could act but i still wanna watch it.

    written by nicholas sparks is what that interest me.

    good night people!

    7 weeks past at the blink of an eye. but i guess i've lived it right. :D

    love ya'll,
    sher xoxo.

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