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  1. freedom.... for a week and a day only..

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    finally finally the day has arrive. exams are over!!

    happiness~ tho i've been awake for 37 hours with only an hour of sleep in between. set a new record for myself. haha woke up at 1215pm yesterday slept at 345am this morning and woke up an hour later without any alarm. and been up since.

    had a really strong cup of coffee last night which i think was the reason i wasn't able to sleep hence the one hour only.

    been studying like crazy yesterday after i got back from MA. right till this morning before aunty D fetched me to uni for my 9am paper. then another paper at 2pm. i hope everything went fine. it has to!

    also been surviving on red bull and energy bars during exams.. seriously fingers crossed! shall hope everything was enough..

    the past few days since tuesday right up till yesterday i was at MA and been lingering around monash's engineering lab to study with the rest. have been really studying my management. but electronics i felt like killing myself..

    thank god it is all over now.

    i know my post is abit jumbled up here and there and jumping from back to forth. excuse me cause i think my brain is falling asleep already.

    should head to bed. tomorrow clean my room as it is in a huge mess due to exams. books and papers everywhere. also do laundry. and then maybe go to dfo with aunty D? hehe haven't been shoppinging in a while (:

    kla kla. nite. omgsotired. thought i could hit the 40 hour mark but looks like it, no. ciao ciao!


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