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    Monday, June 20, 2011

    today was one happy day =DD (not that happy from having trouble sleeping and only sleeping less than 5 hours and waking up at 820am.)

    but other than that, happy day it was! ((:

    classes were so so i guess for a first day. nothing very fascinating. had an hour lunch break which i was hiding in the library using the computers and stalking blogs and youtubing.

    and also choc mud muffin for lunch.

    class was done by 120pm so i left and headed down to the city as i had plans made with sheng nee and yao yun to DFO southwharf!

    was there from 2 something till like 5 something. not bad huh.. and so very fruitful! i love all these outings with some girlfriends and go shopping together and convincing each other to get stuffs that if they would have went alone, they wouldn't get them. love it!

    dinner was just the three of us at petaling street which was newly opened on swanston? well i think it was newly opened. haven't been in the city for like 2 to 3 weeks maybe?

    was home by 8pm. so damn windy today. the wind outside is really really really crazy. like seriously..

    hmmms =PP

    total damage $70.
    two scarfs, three tops, two tshirts, one playsuit and one knit.

    not too bad i guess? and i so so so love my new knit! $30 is such a bargain for forever new okay.. it was like buy one free one. so me and yao yun shared. and i am envying her for her new boots. they were niceeeee! lucky her.. only her sizes.. hehe

    tomorrow off to harbourtown! i am so in the shopping mood. hell yea exams are over...! but nouuu winter term is sounding annoying.

    and you know there are so many repeating students when they introduced themselves today during the tute. omg!! why is there so many?!! is it thaaaaaaat hard???

    anyways.. i'll be staying out tomorrow as i am having dinner with the rest before they head home. so yea shall be back on wednesday ((:

    wheeeee~ goodnight!

    ohoh and good luck in exams tomorrow my dear! it will be fine (:

    lots of love,

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