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    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    i love june! sales are everywhere....~ and its winter! i love the cold but hate the rain.. no rain please? hehe

    woke up at 1020am this morning and left the house at 1045 and off i went over to harbourtown in docklands (: shopped till about 145pm? took a tram back to the city cause i was gonna meet the boys for lunch.

    they were working in fitzroy today..counting cars? pays pretty well tho. but they gotta wake so earlyyy... they i meant teck wei, khai shien and jia shen(which i only found out during lunch he is working too) and two other guys.

    their break was suppose to be at 2pm which means reaching city at 220 ish but they were late and ended up in the city about 245? lunch was at rose garden and we were all like gobbling down our food cause they gotta leave at 310.. so yea..

    i had my spicy chicken ribs (:

    but was barely able to catch up then they gotta go back to work already ): met up straight with yao yun after that.

    which she brought me a cup lindt's ice chocolate? thankiuuuuuu~! yumsss (((:

    then we went shopping somemore on bourke street and went over to spencer street fashion station to just walk around.

    left about 530? got to essendon 20 minutes after and aunty D came to fetch me from the station because we were going to dinner straight. had thai food for dinner (: the same restaurant as the last time. Emerald Buddha.

    dinner was not bad. was home by 8pm?

    called my grandfather cause its been too long since i talked to him and i know how much is wanting to talk to me so yea.. i love it how happy he sounds over the phone tho it maybe just like 10 minutes of talking. makes me feel loved and important =D well.. i love him too! (:

    then painted my newly bought boots black. with a marker and nail polish. hmmm.. i shall wear it out one day and see if the colour stays. hmmm...

    bought this pair of thigh high boots for $20. love them!! =DD

    the sole was initially light brown woody colour which is what i painted black on. its foldable to knee high which i love! and cheap too!! ((:

    my other buyings today.
    nothing over $7. ($7 is the bag) cheap cheap =D

    hehe me is a happy girl today!

    went shopping and bought stuffs and saw people whom i wanted to see. which is good and fruitful ((:

    just did one of my assignment and will continue the other one tomorrow. now off to gilmore girls (:


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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