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  1. the dragonfly.

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    it was one boring day. slept till about 12 plus and then woke and munched on a packet of smiths sour cream and onion for lunch while watching water for elephants.

    hmm.. i would say.. pretty boring.

    the love story behind it didn't make me go all melty and awwy.. soo it means boring in my book (:

    after that did my other online assignment and has been on gilmore girls since. before dinner and after dinner till right now. which i finished up season 4 already. on my way to starting season 5 after this while waiting for my hair to dry. oh and by the way, dinner was pasta and with parmesan and pesto on the top. oo yums!

    but me is craving for soya bean tong yuen! i want soya bean tong yuen.... )): and earlier today i was craving for cheesy baked escargots which i love from the late night dim sum place over in kuchai lama.. )):

    brightside, movie date tomorrow with teck wei in chaddy. and i am gonna have pancakes at pancake parlour tomorrow! ((: i haven't had those short stacks in ages!!

    till then.

    i shall now resume to gilmore girls. goodnight peeps!


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