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    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    ended up going out today (:

    lunch was at oldtown. which i personally think their standard is going up. their food taste better now compared to what i used to hear last time about how horrible it was.

    i had their lemak laksa which i had been craving for ages. and teh o ais limau!

    and his briyani with 3 dishes. well.. i think this is quite nice ler.. (:

    spent about $14 on my lunch. but happy and satisfying.. then headed over to smith street. which was so unproductive. we didn't get what we were planning on getting at all. damn sad.. and i saw this really nice nike hoodie but there wasn't size and it was like $60. but it was blueeeee and i am still thinking about it )):

    after smith street was back to the city for pancakes.

    i never knew we could change to chocolate ice cream! hehe

    but i couldn't finish it. too jelak already..

    he wanted to head home after that because he was looking so tired and sleepy and with the flu.. but yet when i said i wanted to go over to docklands he voluntarily offered to go with me instead of me going by myself ((:

    but the stupid weather.. it started raining. had to run under the rain and catch another tram to get back to southern cross. he left and i went lingering around in spencer street fashion station. hehe

    i love today (:

    even with all the fuss made over how my cardigan's wooly thingy sticks all over his black jacket and and the random eye winking and the face that makes me laugh every single time. basically every little detail. days like today and moments like those always makes me miss the person whom i spent it with.

    saw qihong's facebook status which made me go all awwww...

    ‎"Most guys love a girl that is sexually active, a girl that is freaky with that shit. A girl that would meet his sexual needs. But I'm a guy that would prefer a girl to lay in bed with me and watch Finding Nemo and laugh our ass off at the stupidest things. A girl that would let me piggyback her through the beach so her feet don't get dirty, a girl that would respect herself and love me for me."- Fernando Torres

    love ya'll,

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