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    Thursday, June 16, 2011


    life after exams seems fun. all i am doing is cook, watch gilmore girls, eat, watch movie and sleep and the cycle repeats itself again.

    everyone is so stressed out with exams. i wish i wasn't this carefree around them makes me feel bad. hmmm... its just another one or two more papers and we shall all have fun together! but boooo... i have winter classes.. ): mood spoiler betul..

    so... since tuesday i was here in MA. doing nothing but all of the above.

    tuesday night cooked fried rice.

    wednesday night was pasta with teriyaki sauced chicken and mushroom but i forgot about pictures and nehhh didn't taste thaaaat great cause there was a bit too much pasta involve thus covering the taste.

    tonight, fried mee hoon.

    well.. its not bad. but not like over the top good la. its edible but.. just normal.

    i think i should just stay with frying rice. seems easier and i seemed to be aceing that already. hehe

    i don't know whether the one i am cooking for is considered lucky or unlucky? hmmm... will ask him. haha

    watched Hangover and Hangover 2 for the last two nights.

    farneeeeeyyyy! =DD they are both awesome shit..! haha

    love love the show. how could somebody get so wasted and do soooooo crazy things and not remember and its so totally different the way they react when they are wasted and when they are not. if i am making sense.

    plus plus got bradley cooper! now.... who wouldn't mind bradley cooper right?? but let me clear the air... i didn't watch the show because of him. hangover 2's trailer caught my attention of it being whacked up so i wanted to watch after exams was over.

    hmmm... so yea my days are pretty much spent staying in. i haven't been out very much.

    prolly tomorrow after teck wei's exam we'll go to clayton town and go grocery shopping awhile and prolly grab lunch?

    kla.. i shall now resume to gilmore girls. i am loving the quirkyness of this show. so cool and entertaining and fun! =D



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