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  1. syrena.

    Saturday, June 25, 2011


    the weather today was pretty good. sunny in the afternoon but the winds was pretty chilly. reached chaddy about 1220pm today. waited for teck wei and headed for movie.

    pirates of the bean finding (: HAHA!

    it was quite good. as in it wasn't all dark and dirty and gloomy. i remember i didn't like one of the episodes. can't remember was it 2 or 3. i quite enjoyed this one tho. and enjoyed my movie company too (:

    then was kfc lunch. a nacho cheese roller and snack size popcorn chicken with dippin' gravy. $5 (:

    went coles for groceries after that. then headed back to MA. ended up sleeping for like an hour plus and left about 720?

    and home 2 hours after that.

    been on gilmore girls since. and shall continue after this.

    not even sure if i'll be out tomorrow. which i'll only know tomorrow morning cause some lazy pigggg will only tell me tomorrow whether is it too hard to get out from bed =PP

    okay... i shall resume my paused episode of the quirky town of stars hollow. which means gilmore girls by the way. nitey night!

    sher xoxo.

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