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  1. heys!

    i am back in my own room now. back to classes tomorrow... so not looking forward to that.

    the past few days have been fun. gonna miss bits and pieces about it. mainly missing one thing, or more like one person =DD

    just been staying in MA most of the time and just sleeping, watching gilmore girls and eating and annoying teck wei and repeating the cycle all over again kinda thing.

    okayy.. i shall continue on where i left of last. hm.. friday after teck wei's paper we headed to clayton town which included cherly and khai shien.

    went to wah kee for lunch.

    had their har mee. which was so so. not really up to my taste of har mees.

    then was coles for groceries as doritos is selling for $1.50 and teck wei had to stock up and also me needed to stock up on some food to cook. hehe

    think we got back to MA about 4 ish?

    cooked chicken curry that night.

    i think it was not bad. well... i cooked it out of the packet paste. how bad can it be right.. other than it being so yellow because of the tumeric and it stinking up the whole kitchen. the smell was still somewhere in there before i left today.. =P

    yesterday, i cooked tomato based sauce with tuna and pasta.

    i hope it was not bad.

    then just watched my show and lingered around and then mahjong from like i think 1 something? till like 430 in the morning. which means sleeping was when the sun was up.

    and had to wake for lunch at about 1 ish? cause ck was already downstairs waiting to fetch us to grab lunch. us meaning cherly, me and teck wei. and met up with jia shen in clayton town.

    this time, had eggplant with mince chicken.

    not nice... wanted kebabs which looks so good but had to wait for like half and hour. and ended up in this weird run down crappy chinese shop and the food isn't nice.. hmmm

    i miss rose garden already..

    got back to MA about 4pm and then gotta cook fried rice before i leave. got everything done, packed and left about 610pm and was home by 745..

    tomorrow... classes from 930am till 130pm. then meeting up with the girls and going to DFO for shopping =DD i am so looking forward. i am in the shopping mood!!

    over the past few days, i finished like 25 episodes of gilmore girls. oh i am so loving the show =D

    now i shall unpack and cleaned up the laundry i did before i left to MA which is sitting on my bed and then go to sleep. gotta wake at 715am!

    nouuuuuuuu... EARLYYYYYYYYY! ))):

    ciao my dearests~

    much love,

    i have a feeling you're gonna be so upset when you see the pictures and read the blog. i am feeling upset for you already. but i hope this will pass? cause i don't want it to matter to you anymore. call me selfish but i really don't want it to be something you'll think about anymore..

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