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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    me yesterday. i look so not "me". hah! but i am liking the change (:

    melbourne's weather is getting sad and gloomy and cold. winter huh... i don't mind cold but i don't like sad and gloomy and rainy. a clear sky with no glaring sun and cold days are perfecto! wonder when will that come by...

    yesterday after classes me went shopping again! i love it when i am in the shopping mood. makes me all happy and cheery. which i ended up in spencer street fashion station because it was raining and hailing yesterday that my harbourtown plans had to be postponed. so yea i ended up shoppinging by myself.

    fruitful yet once again.

    bought the jacket and the cargo skinnies from forever new for $25 each. omg me is so happy! ((: and bought a hat too.

    after that just chilled at loong's place then i headed back down to swanston street cause i needed to catch the pharmacies before it closes to buy fish oil for my aunt and pass it to sheng nee to courier it home for me. hehe

    pit stop was pappa roti for free buns! it was their grand opening yesterday.. new outlet in the city.

    pit stop before i headed over to melbourne central to meet up with everybody. everybody meaning yao yun, teck wei, cherly, khai shien, loong and sheng nee. 7pm meeting time for dinner at melbourne central's clock. so typical.

    then dinner was at menya. had chicken curry kastu don. oh nouuu i am feeling hungry now.. ):

    after dinner all of us walked back to loong's and chilled somemore. left back to MA with khai shien and teck wei about 10pm? cherly, sheng nee, celine.....left after that back to malaysia. so nice right?

    hmm.. watched Rio last night too.

    ooo it was colourful and cute and fun! and the blueeeeee....s (:

    left to uni from MA this morning. had my tutorials at 1230pm. so yea.. well.. today wasn't very interesting. since i got back home i've been gilmore girlsing all night. and aunty D's risotto for dinner was so nice. i love it!

    okayy... i shall head to bed now. feeling kinda sleepy. and apparently there is this thing that when a certain someone goes to bed, i am expected to as well.. hmm.. =P

    outfit today (: the hat is new from yesterday's buyings.
    (almost same outfit as yesterday because i stayed out and lazy to pack a whole new look =P)

    nightey nights!

    heading down to the city tomorrow to walk around. and catch the boys for lunch (:

    much loveee,

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