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  1. huntzberger.

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    gilmore girls has been really addictive. i am wrapping up season 5 soon. i think by the end of next week i'll be done with the whole entire series. hehe

    hmm.. classes has pretty much been boring...

    i think the whole library has been upgraded with new desktops.

    looks pretty cool and faster too. not like the old crappy ones. plus its i think 23.3 inch monitor? mind the forever new bag. needed to get my knit exchange.

    the forever new knit i wore out yesterday had a hole on the sleeve so today after classes went over to yaoyun's to get the receipt then went to bread & butter to get the free bread with the voucher loong gave me and then headed over to dfo to change the knit.

    i wore it out yesterday but i successfully attached back to tags on it which seemed like i never worn it at all and managed to change to a brand new one =DD

    was home by 530. my tummy hasn't been feeling very well these two days. and had a bad headache when i was on my way back from dfo today.

    hmm... =/

    i should prolly head to bed. if not i'll have trouble pulling myself out from bed tomorrow morning to attend lectures. well..


    hhmmm.. tho i think i am having morning calls to wake me up and make sure i do go for my lectures =P


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