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    Sunday, July 03, 2011


    i haven't been blogging for soooo long. and with quite some stuffs to be updating about. been in MA since wednesday and still is here. only going back tomorrow which i'll be heading to class from here.

    soo.. what's been going on lately?

    hmm... i got to MA on wednesday and headed out for movie at chaddy with teck wei, jia shen and gen.

    x-men first class..

    i liked it.

    i enjoyed knowing how everything started and all that. its nice knowing. its those kind of movies which i really prefer watching in the cinema.

    then dinner was maccas. hehe had double quarter pounder (:

    after we got back from chaddy, had a mahjong session here in teck wei's room. which i was accused of cheating mahjong with teck wei. HAHA! i did not!


    i worked on thursday.. and have $137 pending on its way to get to my account soon. oooo i can't wait! my first earning in melbourne! ((:

    woke up at 4 something in the morning cause we had to leave MA at 505am in order to catch the bus at 521am. i had to stay over here because from my place, there isn't any bus that allows me to reach the city before 615am.

    met up with the supervisor at the corner of lonsdale and elizabeth street, and 7am we started our work. basically just standing at the bus stop, following those passengers who gets down from the bus and record down if they go towards the tram stops to hop on the tram. in short, i am doing a traffic survey which pays $19.50 an hour. yay! happiness!

    in bright shiny safety vest standing on the sidewalks. =D

    was working along with teck wei and jia shen from 7am to 10am. then had 5 hours break.


    we went for transformers!

    awesome!! i really liked it. i would say its on par with my impressions with the first one. i liked the first one cause of how everything started and all that. and this one was awesome! the fighting scene was good. but i really didn't like the second one tho..

    hmmm.. the new girl, rosie huntington is hot! which made jia shen go all wahhhhh till like 20 minutes after we got out from the cinema. and josh duhamel as usual being hot! his always gonna be in my book. tho he didn't quite have an impact in this one. not as much as the first transformers.

    after movie,

    we went A1 for lunch.

    then headed back to work from 3pm to 7pm. i tell you.. it was so so boring!!! simply cause no one got off the bus meaning no work for us bus we still gotta stand there and work. sien until we got so so tired. finally the 7pm came and we were like completely drained.

    went to QV to get some groceries and then went to malvern and had dumplings with jia shen's bro and his girlfriend. this dumpling place at malvern is quite good ler.. i think i am gonna bring my mum there again when she gets here. cause i've heard horrible stuff about the place i used to bring my mum in the city to eat dumplings.

    that night, i slept from like 11pm till 12pm the next day.


    just stayed in and watched johnny english and kungfu panda 1 with teck wei. nothing really much.

    dinner was yee mee in tom yum soup. yums!

    bought some yee mee and some liu and a bottle of tom yum paste. easy and tasty!


    got up like 12 something again. and then checked my results which i passed everything!! me is so so happy!! hehehehe

    then just lazed around. watched gilmore girls. which is what i do when i have free time. i am finishing up season 6 soon. i think by next weekend or so, season 7 will be done as well and that will be it for gilmore girls. ): i am loving the show...

    dinner me and teck wei took a bus and went over to carnegie to meet up with jia shen for japanese.

    my ryukyu don. $10.90

    i like it ler.. its salmon sashimi marinated with soy sauce on top of rice. hehe

    then jia shen drove us back to MA and we had one mahjong session and then i was kinda craving for tong sui eventhough i had like some chocolate creamed oreo just right before i was asking for tong sui.

    once the game was over, meaning i lost all my chips, we went to glen for tong sui.

    my coconut taro with black glutinous rice. which is pulut hitam with yam in it. $7

    sat there till about 10 plus then jia shen sent us back. and then the both of us went over to khai shien's room and kepo abit with his family. helped them get their stuffs to the cab because his father and sister are heading home and they were all going to the airport. done with that then watched somemore gilmore girls. slept pretty early last night. 130am?

    woke up at 12 something again.. today.

    watched some tvb drama and then cooked lunch and then lazed around and slept somemore and more gilmore girls and now i am just sitting here blogging while having my episode of gilmore girls at paused.

    figured that i should really update so here i am.

    that's it for me. the past couple of days really went by quick. hmmm.. soo.. i shall resume my show now.

    till then.


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