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  1. drinking out of test tubes.

    Wednesday, July 06, 2011

    well.. i met up with kiat again today. mainly for lunch and hanging out on his last day in melbourne before he heads back to perth tomorrow morning.

    late lunch again. i think by the time we ordered our food, it was like 4pm? more like early dinner.. haha and we had it at thai culinary on elizabeth street. right beside rose garden.

    som tum as entree.

    which was so good o... well i really liked it la. but was really spicy and sour but everything about it was good.

    kiat's chicken panang curry with rice.

    i personally love the kaffir lime leaves' smell in the curry. and it tasted good.

    my spicy chicken spare ribs with rice.

    this is nice. better than nam loong's one which i had a couple months back? here it is. it is sorta the same kind thus easier to be compared. and the rose garden one is a bit different but i think i kinda like this one at thai culinary much more. but... it was spicy! yet it was really tasty! =DD

    nouu.. now what am i gonna love to eat in rose garden anymore apart from their mince chicken and eggplant? i kinda ruled out the omelette a few months back already cause it wasn't a hype to me like it used to and now i am ruling out their spicy chicken spare ribs too.. nouu ):

    anyways lunch was really nice. i enjoyed the food. have i mentioned i love thai food? tho i am not a person with very high tolerance of spicy food which it makes me all fluey and sniffy nose and tissue papers and lots and lots of water, but i still love eating them. yea i am weird =P

    lunch was kiat's treat. thank you! i thought it was suppose to be the other way around that i was suppose to treat the tourist instead.. hehe my badd..

    then headed off to sensory lab on little collins which is this cafe that has a lab concept to it where its all about test tubes and round bottomed flask and all those stuff. apparently the coffee there is really good. one day i shall go back there and invade their menu further.

    all we had was one mocha and hot chocolate to go. my treat this time. hehe then went into the new zara store cause he wanted to buy some perfume and i had my first tour around the zara store. hmm actually the prices are relatively okay. well not much of a difference with the ones back in malaysia. in terms of pricing. plus i always do have a thing for zara stuff just that it was kinda on the pricey side for me.. ):

    after a wee bit of window shopping, we went to this place called charlton? well a place to play pool. to meet up with joey. sat there while the guys was playing pool and till about 630 i left. and was home by 715.

    i am so tired right now. tho i wanna continue on with gilmore girls but unfortunately my episode 13 of season 7 isn't working so gotta redownload ):

    i think i might head to bed early. have to be in uni tomorrow by 11pm to meet up with my coordinator. hmmm =/

    well.. goodnight i guess?


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