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    Friday, July 08, 2011

    ni hao!

    today wasn't like any other ordinary fridays. because i don't usually stay home on fridays. i think out of all the fridays since i got back to melbourne this year, i've only been home twice. which today was the second time. hehe =P

    had a wake up call at 12pm as promise and then reheated some laksa which aunty D cooked i don't know when and had it for lunch. eventho it was kuey teow or i would say hor fun, which i won't choose if i had a choice with laksa but there really isn't much to munch on for lunch at home already. haha

    but turns out aunty D just told me that there were some quiches in the freezer. hehehehe

    did my assignment till about 4pm? then been watching nikita and gilmore girls since then till now. and will continue watching after this too.

    gilmore girls.

    those gorgeous blue eyes.. i think alexis bledel is really pretty too..

    the rory and logan (:

    my favourite couple, gilmore and huntzberger ((:

    i find them so cute together.. plus matt czuchry is really cute in the show. ahah!

    i am kinda sad that i am watching the last season already. i really like the show. everything is so quirky and cute and fun. and the whole mother daughter bonding thing is really cool.

    and then i am picking up something new.


    not bad for that 5 episodes i've watched. tho it can be better. but its just the first season anyways. i shall watch on and see. but i know most of you who knows me, will know there has to be a hot guy in it for me to blog and talk about =D

    and... omaii shane west? looks older, manlier, sexier than when he was in a walk to remember. i mean he is much badder in nikita. well at least the look he is going for in the show. haha!

    series makes me happy. as much as how games makes a guy happy. kills my time and keeps me occupied and its addictive for me. haha.. at least my guy friends, they mostly love their games. so yes, metaphorically speaking, series is my games in a guy's term. (:

    okie.. i shall resume to my shows.

    should be heading out for movie tomorrow. and prolly the whole day. =D

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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