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    Thursday, July 07, 2011


    happy belated birthday to my two very much missed cousin brothers! (forgot to post it up yesterday..hehe)

    woke up at 9 something today and headed back to uni because i needed to make some amendments with my subjects next semester. so went back and met up my coordinator. instead of taking 4 hard subjects which i been hearing from past students, now i am taking 3 hard and 1 not so hard. which is networking and online games.

    when i was telling the boys just now they were all excited saying why my subjects so cool. ahah well we shall see when the semester starts.

    coincidentally bumped into teck wei and jia shen when i was heading to docklands. they were heading to msac for basketball.

    then i walked around docklands for abit. spent $10.

    $7 on this dress.

    and another $3 on a pen from typo. have i mention i loveeeeee typo's stuff???? i wanna buy the whole shop!! )): kept picking up stuff then putting it back down because its not practical cause i don't really need it or use it.

    or.. the ones i like is too expensive. like their canvas pictures of new york. and the collage of new york city too =/ wanted to buy this notebook but i know i will feel too mm seh dak to use it and just ended up keeping it in the drawer. so yea.. i just settled down with one cute blue hearts pen. hehe

    i was done with docklands about 4? i was so bored that i went out to spencer street fashion station and sat at a comfy cushioned sofa and started youtubing and staring at people until like close to 6pm when they were about to close, i was kinda pushed to leave.

    then migrated territory to melbourne central. sat under the clock while reading Mx. and also while waiting for teck wei and wei nian cause we were all heading to laksa king for dinner.

    met up with the rest at newmarket station and off to dinner! 8 of us. laksa king was completely packed! we waited around half an hour for the table.. which was around 730 plus?

    but... worth the wait. i haven't had laksa king since i got back to melbourne this year i think. and... i miss it!

    my love their laksa. $9.20

    dinner was done by 8 something. met yao yun on our way out. she was suppose to join us but she was over at great ocean road. so yea she came later with her friends. i hope she enjoyed great ocean road today!

    got home by 920pm. and been stoning since. so tired but refuse to go to sleep. but yet refuse to start my assignment which is due tomorrow.. nouuuu.... =/ tho i can start and finish tomorrow anyhow.. hmm

    i am having a wake up call at 12pm for me to wake and do my assignment. ahha

    okay i should get going. zou tao people!


    music addiction : Linkin Park - Rolling in the Deep (cover)

    prefer this than the adele's one already.
    i don't think i've heard chester singing like that.
    chester bennington

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