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  1. the 12 of july.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011


    so now, already hit the big Two Zero. a new decade to have some more challenging and new experiences in life. we shall see how that turns out..

    the celebration? just a simple dinner with a bunch of close friend and a restaurant on one of the locations i love in melbourne plus am craving for their seafood pizza. so yes... quite something for me.

    dinner was at Rococo, St Kilda. reservation for 6 (:

    this is an old picture, but just to recall back how awesome the seafood pizza looks! =D
    worth every penny in my opinion. (:

    that night we were all too hungry plus the place had this ambience thingy going on so it was kinda dark thus no food pictures at all..

    we had 4 dishes. umm one salad, two pizza and one pasta to feed the 6 of us. i would say i just merely touch the almost full level. don't think the boys was full tho. but i enjoyed the food anyhow!

    was trying to get a proper picture. and these two started umm... don't know what were they up to.

    finally... haha!


    thanks so much guys!

    i was treated with dinner and had two presents to go home with. so yea.. pretty fruitful i would say?

    then we headed to cafe grecos on chapel street. had my favourite mud cake! it wasn't up to standard, but i still loved it!

    parted ways from south yarra. i went back to clayton with the boys. and the girls headed back down to the city.

    wrapped up the night by playing mahjong with teck wei and khai shien which i was the big loser.. ): hehe

    but all in all, it was a fine day :DD

    thank YOU all for the wishes! mum called and mailed me a card. called my grandfather instead cause it would be more convenient for him and one call from fei lin in malaysia, one from perth and the text messages, whatsapps and facebook and recently, skype. hehe thank youuuu! lovessss ((:

    and today, back to class. and now, start assignment. i was caught up with nikita the whole afternoon since i got back from uni. and slept. hehe

    okay got to go. me no likey assignments.

    sher xoxo.

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