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  1. maybe its a sign.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    me likey my cheap sloppy jumper-ish top from target yesterday (:

    today was nothing but uni, physics, train, bus, eating bread dipping in curry.. yums btw.., watching pretty little liars, doing lab report due tomorrow which i still have a conclusion to right, dinner and now, somemore pretty little liars.

    everyday is so boring. i can't wait for the friday! dinner with the s9s with the main agenda, the arrival of miss lum wei ping!! =DD which she will be here tomorrow! (((: its fun having new addition to the s9 family as time passes by. and its wei ping we're talking about, whats not fun about that right...

    next week will be my last week of winter term.. then the following week exam.. ): sighhhh

    i think i am gonna be bored to death right now..

    =/ bu shuang..


    partly cause.. my dosage of you daily seems to be depleting.. tho its just been since saturday, but it feels longer.. eventho there are daily chats, but somehow along the line, its becoming to one message every one and a half hour. and prolly because i am reaching a state where i am not my usual self anymore. last time, i don't cling. now, i think i am starting to pick up... =/

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