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  1. uber happy and satisfied! =D

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    been eating too much these two days. but yumsssss! (((:


    had funky curry for lunch with jia shen, teck wei, khai shien and yao yun.

    one meat one vege curry for $9.

    after that had one passionfruit macaroons from lindt and then a cup of taiwan mango QQ from chatime. then went to yao yun's and monopoly dealed.

    ended up being home about 745pm. then spent the night doing assignments and watching pretty little liars. plus went a little emofied last night. only god knows why.


    met up the same bunch again for brunch! more like going for an aussie style breakfast which is super duper yummy and awesome! and i absolutely loveeeee aussie breakfast!

    went to Mart. i've always wanted to try this place. and its totally awesome!

    its a tram stop on the Route 96. mart is the opposite of tram (:

    i had the free range scrambled eggs with chives, shaved parmesan, truffle oil, mushrooms and sauteed spinach.

    it was sooo good!! i loved it!! tho it cost me like $17.90 but worth every penny. i was so happy and satisfied after that. hehe

    yao yun's poached eggs with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, fresh spinach, red onion caper and dill salsa. this was good too!

    teck wei and jia shen both had the scotch fillet steak sandwich.

    and khai shien's toasted chicken pide.

    i don't have fancy fancy ingredients listed for the last two because i didn't take the back of the menu to recall what is in it. eheh

    it was pricey but i loved it so much! can i make a habit of trying out different cafes for their food at least once a month? =DD

    after being satisfied, we went over to st kilda and walked to the pier, had a look at one penguin and just walking along the beach. since khai shien and teck wei both haven't been there.

    managed to walked around and digest our food a lil which we then headed for fish and chips on acland street.

    two of this fish pack, $7.90 each and another two fillets of the fish of the day, $5.20 each.

    i don't think the fish and chips ever tasted this good like today. out of all the times i've been to this shop, today's fish tasted exceptionally good. it was cooked to perfection! just nicely done. not too cook and not rare. yummmms!

    and i think the seasoning on top made it better too. omaiii i wanna eat somemore naoo..):

    then we hopped on the tram and headed back out to the city and went to yao yun's and just hang around. painted my nails dark dark purple, watched and heard the guys played mahjong on their phone, monopoly dealed two rounds and learnt a new term for something i've never heard ever. ahah

    headed home after and was home by 715pm.

    just cleaned up my room and cleaned up my mac. now off to series!

    my presents from audrey and yao yun. SJP's perfume and salt scrub. hehe ((:

    omaiii i am still so full from all the food just now. and i am not even planning on eating anything for dinner. so full but yet craving for all sorts of food nao =DD hehehe



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