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    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    ended up my heading out was for the weekend. ahah

    went to chaddy for movie with teck wei yesterday. for kungfu panda ((:

    it was not bad? funny some parts but storyline abit um... not as interesting.

    and.... baby po is sho sho cuteeeeee!

    i went all awww in the cinema during this scene. hehe =D

    hmm.. watching movie had always been our thing. i can't remember how many movies we watched together already. it was how things started anyways.. =P

    after movie, we went for lunch. wanted to eat something new but ended up going back to the same old food court again cause he wanted his kfc. ahah

    and i tried their indian food there. $7.80

    neh.. i don't like the tandori chicken.... its like not cook or something. but the chicken tikka masala was not bad..

    then went walking around chaddy. go see see look look. and about 5pm? left chaddy and headed back to MA.

    which i then later decided to stay eventho i didn't bring any clothes to change. ahah i wasn't really planning on staying at the start tho everyone knew i already would before i even decided. ahah

    cooked yee mee in tom yum soup again for dinner.

    and then had jia shen over to play mahjong along with khai shien. i think mahjong session lasted till about 1 plus.

    i was fast asleep by 3am i think while watching hot shot. i couldn't even finish the first episode and i've already fell asleep with the earphones in my ears. hehe

    woke up so late today.. had two packets of indomie for lunch. then sat down and watched the adjustment bureau.

    i quite like it.

    i like the concept of it. pretty cool! ahah

    and left MA about 6pm? home almost 2 hours after that. and aunty D left me some dinner.

    pan fried salmon with vegies and cous cous.

    me likey cous cous. plus i love aunty D's salmon. but i prefer eating it right off the pan. once it has been kept, doesn't taste as nice already..

    then was watching harry potter's part 1 of deathly hallows again with aunty D. since i think i might be catching the second part next week, i might as well get my memory refreshed before watching it.

    now.. hmm.. maybe gilmore girls? or nikita? or sleep? ahah shall see how..

    well goodnight people!

    with love,

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