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    Tuesday, July 05, 2011

    ola (:

    its been one rainy and wet and slightly on and off on whether is it sunny or gloomy day. classes were as usual.

    but after classes i met up with yao yun for abit. was suppose to grab lunch but since she had already eaten, we headed over to harbour town instead. did a little bit of shopping and window shopping..

    then i left to meet up with this long old friend of mine whom i have not met in i think 6 long years. he has been too busy in perth and every time he gets to melbourne i am either not here yet or back in malaysia.

    mr tan kar kiat (:

    oh man i miss the old tuition days where we were all like one happy small little family. well.. after 6 years, to the very least we didn't have those awkward moments where you know.. after so long of not meeting and talking, we wouldn't really click kinda thing. which is good (: i would say we bonded pretty fine after 6 years. HAHA!

    so first went to oldtown for my late lunch. late i meant 3 something 4 ish lunch. haha!

    roti boom and teh o ais limau.

    nehhh roti boom no nice.. no no nice ): not sweet enough to my liking.

    met his bro and his friends. and then realise how super small world it is and how everyone knows everybody somewhere somehow. cause one of his friends who we all had oldtown with, lyndy, whom i met her randomly together with ken on the bus yesterday when i was coming back from clayton. which happens to also be loong's SAM classmate. small world? indeed.

    somewhere along the line i realised how people i just gotta know this year from swinburne who is from kuching happens to know kiat as well.. the world is getting smaller. and i don't know if this two, kiat and lyndy are popular or what? =P they keep bumping into people they know eventho the both of them don't study here. one from perth one from malaysia and both just on holidays.. hmm ((:

    well anyways.. after lunch we went to max brenner to chill. just the three of us. till about 610pm i left cause had to come back for dinner.

    you know.. its nice knowing new people and people that you feel comfortable talking to. i don't usually open up to someone new but apparently today i did. everyday is a new day for improvements =D

    good day today.

    back to classes tomorrow and that'll be it for the week. hmm laksa king thursday night.. and prolly movie this weekend. hmm... and back to gilmore girls.

    then sleep. feeling sleepy already.. nouuuu

    kla. goodnight dears!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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