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  1. Cheesy Mash Potatoes.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2014


    I just cooked this yesterday and it is TOO GOOD to not share! It was my first ever attempt on making mash potatoes and it was soooo good! I am not just saying this because I made it, I genuinely do think it tasted pretty damn good!! :D

    Because I am normally not a mash potato person and for me to like it, it has to be really good. I think as far as I could recall, I have ever only really liked the cheesy mash potatoes from TGI Friday's here in Melbourne. I am more of a solid potato salad person, to be honest.

    The boyfriend is a mega huge mash potatoes person! In fact he is a mega huge anything-potato-related person. And I have been empty promising him since forever that I'll make him some mash potatoes.... HEHE :D I even bought the potato masher a year ago but never got around to making it for him HAHA!! :P

    Anyways, now that I did make it, I think it's too awesome to not tell the world how I did it :) HAHAHA! *Sorry ah I think I am more than a little thick face lor... But it is really goood leh!* :P Try it yourself, and then tell me how it turned out okay?

    The ingredients I used:

    1. 6 Desiree potatoes ~1.1kgs
    2. 250g of ham or whatever deli meat you prefer
    3. 200g of butter *The most crucial to not settle for less! For it to taste extra awesome!*
    4. 50ml of cream
    5. 100g parmesan cheese
    6. Salt and pepper seasoned to taste (in my case I did not add any salt because it was already salty enough from the meat, butter and cheese) :D

    First, the usual, boil the potatoes in salt water until they are tender. To me, I just kept boiling it until I thought it was soft enough. I am pretty sure you can't over cook potatoes that are meant to be mashed anyways....? But don't quote me on that. All I know I was prepared to keep boiling and boiling until I thought it was soft enough. I have no idea what does "cooked to perfectly tender" means. So... just follow your gut! Give a small bite a try first! Concurrently, in another pan, start pan frying you cold meat until it is crispy and golden brown. Then set that aside.

    Next, drain the cooked potatoes and then mash it with your potato masher in the pot. Then put back the pot of just mashed unseasoned potatoes onto the stove and put it on low heat. Then start throwing in the butter. Bit by bit. Keep mashing and stirring until all the butter melts in and that's when you start to see the awesome creamyyyyy consistency of the mash! Then throw in your crispy cold meat along with a little of it's oil and then, pour in the cream. Just keep mixing all the ingredients together. And lastly, pour in the cheese! After that, just season to taste with the pepper and salt.

    And, VOILA! It's done!

    You can add whatever you want to it or omit out any other ingredients but I think the most important is to never cut down on the amount of butter. Come on man, yummy delicious creamy mash potatoes are meant to be fattening and awesome and filled with ingredients that aren't the best for you. My motto is to eat everything in moderation and so don't matter how unhealthy something is, don't over eat it and I'LL be fine :)

    I personally think that adding the cheese in made a whole lot of difference to me! I prefer cheesy mash rather than plain mash any day man! Me loveeeee cheese! Of course :P

    And there you have it! One of the best homemade mash potatoes everrr! *Ahem....! It's self proclaimed. I know :D*

    There you have it! My first ever recipe post :D Enjoyyyyyy peeps!

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

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