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    Thursday, May 10, 2012


    my classes starts pretty late on tuesdays. 230pm. which i was only out of the house around 125pm. hehee :D

    my $2 sunnies gave way on me after using it less than 5 times ): the screw came out. hahaha! but anyways it was just $2.. 

    ootd (outfit of the day)
    turquoise knit top: bardot at $5!!! major super duper steal!
    plain black skirt: cocolatte
    flats: novo


    classes ended in time to go down to the city for lunch. at first i didn't want to cause i thought it was going to rain and i didn't want to be stuck in the city without an umbrella and a hoodie. but turns weather forecast conned me!! hrrrrr....! it said it was going to have 70% rain..... but the sky looked so clear and bright!

    my wednesday lunch kaki will always be yao yun. cause she has a day off from uni on wednesdays (:

    we went to Ramen Ya at the GPO.

    my house specialty ramen! yumssssss!! $10

    recently i've grown to really like ramens. hehehehhe fat die me... hahaha!

    and ordered gyoza to share ((:

    sat there and talked and caught up with each other. its been awhile since i went out for wednesday lunches with her.

    then we moved towards QV for....

    froyo! from tutti frutti. this thing cost $9.50 okay..... we shared this. half green tea half grape with almond flakes, peanut butter something and mochi bites (:

    so expensive! cause it goes by weight...)): i personally like the ones from cacao green. cheaper plus the froyo doesn't melt so fast.

    she happily digging into her green tea froyo ((: 

    mua bestie! <3

    left the city around 5 ish and was home before 6pm.

    my look for the day (:
    red knit cardi: some china website
    army green tank: dotti
    studded leggings: platinum


    was in uni by 930am... so early ):

    the colourful tree infront of my engineering building. love the autumn colours!

    uni ended quite early for me today. since my lab only runs fortnightly.

    lunch today. $9.50 small sashimi pack.

    tho this wasn't really enough for a meal. i went home and had some leftover pasta. and i forgot my keys today! had to call julian to open the door for me. hahah paiseh...

    love the colourful look today!
    colourful knit top: taiwan
    denim shorts: factorie
    black fleecy tights: vic market
    boots: william shoehouse

    aunty D tapao-ed laksa from laksa king for my dinner!

    so yumsssss! tho i miss the laksa from jalan alor.. when i am back must go eat! hehehe i must make a food list of all the food i want to eat.

    everytime i go back malaysia for holidays, without fail i will put on weight... but its okay! well worth it!

    just finish watching The Voice finale. it was good and congrats to Jermaine Paul! great singer!! the finale was sooooo funny!! those clips on the judges damn cute. hahaha!

    i'll be out from home over the weekends. tomorrow going to stay with yao yun and wei ping. we are going to the melbourne supper club! then saturday shopping day out with dear then staying with cherly. sunday night i'll be staying with dear cause his dad will be leaving sunday night.

    hehehehee <3 love my weekends!

    tho.... the stress period is coming and i am more than 60% sure i'll be freaking stressed out. but... oh well.. life. how nice if don't need to study anymore........ =/

    klaaaa happy weekend ahead! prolly the last happy weekend...

    and i've been really into earcuffs lately....

    super love them! the edge it gives <3

    lots of love,

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