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  1. need a tiny break....

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012


    i am in the middle of reading calculations example for monday's exam but i am constantly being distracted by all sorts of things. either me being sleepy or refreshing facebook or refreshing instagram or constantly craving for food and desserts.... i know i am like totally side tracked.. not good not good XD

    today is a very happy day for me. my new born nephew is here! i am currently an very excited aunt! i can't wait to go back to see him (: hehehehe

    see see so cute! looks like both daddy and mummy. more of daddy's eyes! small eyes! HAHA! so cute and tiny and CUTE! <3<3

    cousin sent me a video of him and he is so cute! can tell that my cousin is a super duper happy dad today! welcome to the family, my little nephew =D

    went to uni this morning for my Communication Principles revision class.

    mcd breakkie. now they are having some limited time only burgers and all that. i think there is 6 new stuffs on the menu for a limited time only. but i think sausage mcmuffin with egg muchhhhh better!!

    revision class lasted for about 2 and a half hours and i was like so sleepy. slept for 4 hours then went to uni.... =/

    today was so gloomy. the was barely any sun. plus all the thick clouds...

    came back around 2pm, reheated food for dear, caught up with mum through viber and then i completely snoozed off. till about 630pm. the sky outside was already dark when i opened my eyes.. so don't like the short days!!

    about 7 ish i think.. we went out to the Taste of Singapore for din din.

    today's menu is the Nasi Kuning with ayam masak merah ((: $8.50

    been home since 8 something 9 and i am trying to make my studying productive. but aiyooo... i just ate mashed hard boiled egg with mayonaise, cheese, black pepper and soya sauce. and boiled some meatballs. i am not hungry but just keep wanna munch and munch on food! omggggg.... ))):

    and btw, i super love my own braised yee mee! "mun yee mee"!! so yums my god! i can eat this and my mee hoon everyday. not meaning to self praise but seriously damn good lor...!!

    today after reheating, tasted even better! plus it is so easy to make!! hehehehehe =P

    outfit today.
    my cupcake knit & red hooded coat: taiwan
    leggings: bangkok
    furry ribboned ugg inspired boots: taiwan

    oklah back to studying. bye... )): bye bye peeps.... very reluctant to leave.. hahaa

    with love,

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