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    Saturday, June 02, 2012


    back to my own room. haha! i am rarely home nowadays.. was so close to not coming back today but its been awhile since i saw my aunt. so must must come home. one week is pretty long lah..

    i am suppose to be studying very obediently right now but oh wells... i can't seem to master the skills of sitting down quietly and just study continuously.. sorry my bad XD

    a little back in time... thursday,

    had maccas for lunch. as usual i'll only have one burger and maybe a small fries and drinks and the rest will be the bf's. haha!

    purposely went for this. its a limited time only burger. so have to try. because by the time i am back from malaysia next month, it'll be gone!

    dinner that night, i cooked three dishes and ate with rice (:

    the asam fish super ONZ! yes, it is from the packet sauce but its like super duper nice lorrrrrr! like seriously.. i haven't had asam anything in a long time.. and damn easy to cook!

    this meal was the first time i got an applaud from dear. he ate so much rice simply cause of the asam fish. he really liked it and he hasn't had this in like more than a year already.. so yeah :D i was happy that i cooked something he super loved and he was happy too :DD

    been trying to cook dishes and rice for us for dinner. home cooked dinner is always nice (:

    but the washing up super not nice lo.... ): and its MY job.... ))):

    cherly came back with mango sago for me! i have been craving for dessert for like ever.... and she bought this back for meeeeee :P

    i kept tempting dear with this while he is playing his diablo... cause i know he has a thing for sago. hehehehe =DDD

    the boys (the bf, khai shien and jia shen) were playing diablo together and about 2 something in the middle of the night.. i just felt like munching on food and i went oven this...

    chicken strips (: shared half with dear..

    i tell you ahh... this past week i haven't been eating so so much okay.. and i am eating all the time. even if i am not hungry... i just kept on munching and munching... ): there goes my mission of losing weight before i go back to malaysia.... aihhhh hehe :P

    see see! diablo 3 has this rainbow map that involves unicorns and rainbows and happy clouds and cuddle bears and pretty flowers and also cupcakes! so cute rightttt! but also damn violent..... the unicorns and flowers and cuddle bears and like things that they are suppose to kill. so right, you can see them splitting into pieces and blood everywhere.. so saddd... hahahah!


    because i slept around 5 ish the night before, i was only out of bed around 4pm... then my whole afternoon like gone already... ):

    ate shin ramen from the pot for lunch! HAHA lunch at 5pm.... my godddd

    dinner i cooked mee hoon. the bf seems to really like my mee hoon alot. he says i can somehow make the meehoon taste so nice in an unhealthy way. HAHA! i think if his mum sees how i cooked it, she'll faint. HAHAHAH!

    while the boys were playing diablo i went to study with cherly in her room. till about 4am? slept at 5 something close to 6am again...


    woke up at 345pm. and 430pm i have to ciao. had to be home for dinner. so yeahh... ): i don't like leaving dear's place when i am already there for like a week. cause whenever i am back to my own room, it feels so quiet. cause usually i'll be disturbing him and feeding him and stuff.. =/

    anyways i was back home around 6 ish. just in time for dinner..

    pasta with meatballs (((:

    and my parcel from catch of the day arrived.

    bought a Sigg bottle for myself and the bf (: at $7 each. super cheap right! its retailed to be about $40 one ler...

    and also bought a new pair of headphones. super love them!! the white damn nice! plus is comfy and the sound quality is pretty good. and the best thing is, its under $40.... when its retailed for about $100.. awesome! and its over the ear! exactly what i have been looking for all this while.... i finally found it! =DD my first pair of headphones!


    i shall now resume to studying.. ): first paper on monday afternoon. so don't like exams......!! aihhhhh but not like i have a choice..

    oklahh nights!


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