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    Saturday, June 09, 2012

    i can't believe i slept for like 13 hours straight. since 4am this morning. so yeah guess what time i woke up? OMG rightttt hahaha! my whole day entirely gone. nevermind kinda acceptable lah... i only slept 3 hours yesterday.

    okay a little recap back to a couple of days. second day of exam, thursday,

    oh oh this was taken the night before while i was studying for wednesday's paper. i was too bored... :P my new cute bralet from asos. haha!

    breakkie before heading for exam. cheese and egg sandwich (:

    my exam venue is at the Melbourne Park function rooms which is over at the Rod Laver Arena. its about 10 minutes away from flinders by tram. butttt.....,

    on that day, there was a rally amongst the teachers in victoria.

    and the trams couldn't go through. and everyone had to walk to our exam hall. thank god i wasn't late. seriously... thank god!

    but exam was meh... =/

    came home by 615pm and was greeted with...

    laksa king's mee goreng for dinner. aunty D bought them.

    spent some time downstairs with aunty D watching masterchef. haha... plus i won't be seeing aunty D for the next one week cause i'll be at dear's. and saturday i'll be back in malaysia already.

    yesterday, friday,

    i was up the whole night from 1am.. and went straight for exams.

    it was like sunless and cloudy and the weather was kinda chilly.

    exam venue. one more paper to go!

    by the time exam was done it was like close to 530pm already. and it was drizzling.. cloudy, drizzling and cold..

    then hopped onto the tram and train and got over to clayton. i was so hungry by that time and there isn't much choices to eat here in clayton.... ):

    in the end, cooked meehoon for din din.

    and spent the night catching up with dear, cherly came over to study, watching movies and in the end fell asleep on the chair while sitting beside dear while he was playing diablo.

    eventually migrated over to the bed. haha and slept straight till today when the sun is no longer bright and sunny. hahaha!

    ordered 3 pizzas for dinner. only for the both of us. hahahah! 

    only managed to finish two. the last one is leftover for supper :D hehehe

    randomly did this while watching the YOMYOMF videos. hahahahah! and my fingers are too short. if not the last finger should be out like it is a knot. haha

    okay have to start studying after this!

    and tomorrow morning head to ikea for breakkie. must must! no more waking up late anymore. the whole day feels totally wasted.... ):

    bye peeps!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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