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    Sunday, June 03, 2012

    I am suppose to be in the midst of preparing for tomorrow's paper but, I am carried away with the music playing through my headphones and it feels as though I am in a world that only I exist where time just stays and the music continues playing...

    I woke up in shock when i glanced at the bright red LED clock, it appears to be exactly 1:00pm. I slept right through from 4am straight till 1pm. Closed my eyes and the moment I opened them it was already 9 hours later. And the dreams I had during the 9 hours are so jumbled up and weird and already fuzzy right now. I always dream about this particular place that doesn't exist. At least not the way I dreamt it to be.

    Dragged myself out of my warm quilt to wash up and get ready for today. The day that I am supposed to prepare fully for tomorrow's paper. first thing, I went into aunty D's room to take out the weighing scale to weigh myself. Wishing and hoping I won't put on more than what I've expected to. Turns out, I kept the scale back with a slight tint of smile (:

    Went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and see whats there for lunch. ate a piece of cold chicken schnitzel with barbeque and tomato sauce over it and also sliced two pieces of chocolate cake. Aunty D made them last night.

    Happily munching away up in my own room while surfing through the blogmosphere. Now, it is 2 and a half hours since i've been up and i haven't done anything productive. But yet, I feel like the need to rant through things by typing them out first before I go all gung-ho and start studying.

    The bf is still asleep in his very imaginative dreams. I on the other hand wish that he would be within my reach. 10 steps at most. But no, it doesn't work that way. At least not right now. I am very amazed and surprised how I've actually grown towards being so attach to someone. Some tell me that it is no surprise to them. They have already seen it coming. But to me, I never knew. Yesterday, I was only home for less than 10 hours, I found myself texting the bf ".... I miss you." The reply was "Me too.." There is just one kind of comfort when we're around each other. Though, I'll be doing stuffs on my own and him in another world of his own, it just boils down to having the presence of one and another within reach.

    I am looking through the pictures I have up on my wall that has the both of us in it, at that time there was a big distance between us, all we were was just classmates, and nothing but ordinary friends. Its funny how time and effort makes everything fall into place. Falls in the right and the best place. I've never been so overwhelmed, in a good way, about how I feel towards one particular person. Seems like my life at this moment, in this particular subject, have painted out fairly colourful and priceless.

    I am nothing but grateful and filled with contentment.

    Lots of love,

    "...... people say I am crazy. They don't understand who I am..." - If I Had It My Way, happily admiring my new headphones (:

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