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  1. 我爱他.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    basically these two days i have just been home. waking up close to 1pm for both days despite however time it is i sleep the night before.

    programming is so not fun to study. like seriously. everything is like so dead. and flat...

    somehow i still managed to read finish this book on the ipad.

    i found free ebooks on the net and magazines and all that. it is like way cooler reading it from the ipad la. eventho i could read it from my iphone but don't like it cause screen still too small for me to read anything from.

    i even have where rainbows end in the ipad too! my all time favourite book. second favourite is if you could see me now but tough luck in finding a free one for that. mind you, i got free and full version of the books. ((: have almost half of hailey abbott's books collection. just started my second book. :D

    i am dreading to go back to programming la. and friday morning is my exam already. oh god and today, wednesday coming to an end already. oh no! help.....!!

    yet, have i mention how much i absolutely love one tree hill??

    LOVE IT! treasuring the possible last season of it very much. awesome! just watched the new episode not long.

    i think i am going to bed early and have as much sleep as i can because tomorrow night i am pretty sure i wouldn't get enough sleep. i tend to sleep lesser the night before exams.

    will prolly be back after my friday paper. as i am just gonna be home anyways and that'll be nothing interesting to add anyhow.


    much love,

    music addiction : American Honey - Lady Antebellum

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